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17 Best Rank Tracker Tools To Check Your Search Engine Rankings

Permalinks and choose the Post name option under Common settings. As suggested by the name itself, they’re long, consisting of 3 or more words. If your audience can’t access your information fast, they’re more likely to bounce from your page. It can be tough to determine the best time to post, and it can be even more challenging when working with a worldwide audience. Besides, it even reveals the competitor’s marketing strategy and features much more for improving your site’s health and SEO performance. For example, let’s evaluate the keyword difficulty of the keywords Optimal health and wellness. This results in a high bounce rate which isn’t good for your site’s health. This makes your permalink clean and descriptive, which is good for your site’s SEO. That itself explains why it’s important to focus on your permalink structure. Your WordPress has a chaotic URL structure by default. Another useful tactic on how to improve SEO on WordPress is to set up SEO-friendly permalinks. Permalinks. Then select “Post Name” as your permalink.5. The best way to come up with a fitting Alt text for any image is to think about how you’d describe the image to someone with a vision impairment and then generate a description. Th​is content h as  been written  wi​th t he he​lp  of GSA Content Generator Dem​over sion.

Use at least 300 words in your video description. Then below that are a couple of lengthy paragraphs about the video, including the title of the video and the keyword (build an online business) in the very first sentence. A brand video fits nicely into your “About Us” website page or your homepage. You’re given about as much space as a Tweet to sell your entire brand and product. Simply having a presence at each social channel creates inbound links and helps to establish the credibility of your brand. The SERPWatcher tool by Mangools helps you track your daily search engine rankings in seconds. So update your contents regularly and get high rankings. It is after all the prime spot and you cannot get any better than that. Make sure it’s green as green color signals a good SEO title to rank better. Targeting long-tail keywords come in handy when it’s difficult to rank for the main keywords.

Moreover, it’s the best idea to choose the keywords with good search volume and low difficulty as advised by the experts. For any website that wants to obtain organic search engine traffic, search engine optimization will be an requirement. Step4: Now, you can start optimizing your website with Yoast SEO. Good content is just the start of ranking. We help you enhance ranking for each landing page to make sure your customers can find you online easily. What’s important to measure is the interactions on the page with different content elements, such as maps, store activity, calling the store etc. By measuring what is most popular, you can optimise the page layout to help customers and also work out if people are accessing information or just leaving. There are quite a few paid and free keyword research tools to help you discover great keywords. Just like the short keyword you can also perform long-tail keyword research using various free and paid tools.

For instance, boots are the main keyword that is short and has a vague meaning. For instance, the title of our blog post is ‘How to Improve SEO on WordPress’ which itself is our focus keyword. Just scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see an SEO title section where you can manually input well-optimized titles to your post. With Yoast SEO, you can easily add titles to your page/post. There are a lot of other considerations involved with SEO, but it is doable and you should have confidence that you can achieve it. On the other hand, the cheap leather boots for women are a long-tail keyword with a more specific meaning. However, with a magnificent tool like SEMrush, you can also overview the keyword of your interest for keyword difficulty and search volume easily. However, it’s recommended to pick the most effective ones for a good SEO ranking. Personal websites are the ones you own 100% and not a client website or a partnership with someone. Once you\’ve added a few older articles, spend some time to write some new ones. You’ll see your feed populate with mentions in a few minutes. If you use schema markup, you’ll automatically have a leg up on the majority of your competition.