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Analyzing Your Site’s SEO With Rank Math

Well, we are done with the past of PageRank. The idea for PageRank – Google’s early ranking algorithm – stemmed from Einstein. Once you have a good understanding of Google’s requirements, it’s time to choose the right category for your business. Pages like this can be simple feature comparisons, or semi-editorial, but it’s important that they don’t feel like a sales or up-sell function (even though that’s what the “expert” in the store would be!). Earlier we mentioned that you should at least aim for 1,800 words, but posts that are longer than 3,000 words work even better for creating links. Design. Even though Robots.txt is an important element when running an e-commerce, it is often ignored by shop owners. Therefore, shop owners can decide to add Availability attribute based on their demands. Search Engine Optimization. Admins can add meta title, meta description and meta keywords based on specific purposes and requirements.

Search Engine Optimization, leave the suffix fields blank to keep your URLs clean. Here you can customize the Page Title Prefix and Suffix with your company name instantly. Typically, the suffix is .html or .htm part after the URL key. Search Engine Optimization. In the Create Permanent Redirect for URLs, in the URL Key Changed field, select Yes to enable auto redirect when the URL is replaced. As marketers, we know staying on top of Google algorithm updates and SEO best practices is key to positioning our digital content and increasing organic search results, but they tend to change without warning and there really is no finish line. Thus, it would be best if you got consultancy from SEO experts to fix this issue. In case you have a large scale site with thousands of items to manage, the below settings of Magento 2 SEO guide may be a great help. Mageplaza SEO All-in-one provides many robust and outstanding features that help optimize your store’s SEO performance. That is the reason why the All-in-one SEO extension (FREE) is here to help you.

That’s the reason why shop owners should configure it carefully and properly so that no mistake will be made. One of the most important elements of every SEO strategy is the sitemap as it will decide placement of a webpage on the SERPs when indexed by search engines. In this case, Magento 2 SEO extension is the perfect solution for any Magento merchant. Therefore, a sitemap is also considered the most valuable asset of any online merchant. Therefore, long product descriptions should be carefully revised and considered to achieve the suggested optimization. I emptied the database as you suggested. Catalog. It is highly suggested for shop admins to turn on canonical tags for both products and categories. However, if the product and category pages are already different, canonical tags should not be used in this case. In Magento 2, canonical tags function as a method to deal with duplicate content.

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However, this function also has a drawback that need configured by users. As these suffixes provide no value to users nor search engines, it should be excluded from the URL. A description with medium numbers of characters can engage more clicks through the search other than attractive keywords. One thing to keep in mind is when using the Product Fields Auto – Generation feature, the default limited number of characters of metadata is still required. The limited characters are default at 255, but the optimal number should be between 150 – 160 characters. The blank allows under 70 characters only, so website coders should carefully opt for the most SEO-rich keywords for the page to get higher evaluation from the web crawlers. Stores should add closely-related keywords that best describe their products to inform web crawlers only. Crawlers may contextualize the links you use to determine the overall theme of your page so that it ranks for the most relevant queries. XML Sitemap. With such great feature, admins can decide the number of links and file sizes as well as the level of frequency to generate a sitemap.