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Google My Business is a user-friendly template that lets you add your company’s name, address, phone number, fax number, email address or other contact information. Once they\’re flagged, a human can always read their email anyway. Plus, the more comprehensive your content is, the better it can communicate its topic to crawlers via keywords, headings, and so on. Also, crawlers will look at certain information attached to images – such as filenames and ‘alt text’ – when trying to index and understand your site. This makes it easier for search engines to index your site, and to present relevant content in user searches. They’re what people will use to reference and link back to your site, and their appearance matters. Domain Age isn’t where the power comes from when you get an aged domain for your niche site, not really, we know that. Knowing your domain authority is key to help you create or improve your marketing plan. The monthly cost of the Basic plan is $29.90, the Premium plan is $39.90, and the Agency plan is $79.90.

The amount of functions included in the basic plans of the most expensive tools are limited. If you have done all basic optimization such as cache, CDN, and others but still needs more improvement, Asset Cleanup plugin helps you optimize CSS and JavaScript files. They provide visual appeal and context, plus they help break up text and make it more readable. It provides a visual benefit, by breaking up your text and making it easier to read. Then, give each image a descriptive filename and alt text (bonus points if you use a keyword in one or both places). For example, it’s best to avoid ‘keyword stuffing’, or forcing your keyword into too many places so that it appears unnatural or spammy. Choosing a keyword for each post or page and using it in various places – such as the title, the headings, and the content itself – is a common way to communicate your topic to search engine crawlers and increase the chances of showing your content in relevant searches. While these sitemaps were once designed to help users navigate websites, their primary purpose now is to communicate information to search engine bots (also known as crawlers).

While adding a sitemap to your website doesn’t directly boost its search engine rankings, it’s still a valuable SEO tool. While their tool is a paid service, the above search box still allows you to get a great sampling of their data for free. Adding a sitemap to WordPress is simple – you can do so with a targeted plugin such as Google XML Sitemaps, or through a comprehensive SEO tool such as Yoast SEO. Having the right image alt tags, titles, and captions can massively boost relevancy and get you better search rankings. The real reason we care about rankings are because of the traffic and revenue that they bring. Images are important for just about any website. Google and other search engines don’t consider your website in a vacuum. If you don’t fancy overhauling your entire website to make it mobile-friendly, I don’t blame you. Its powerful tools check all the right boxes for most websites and businesses: great keyword research tools, the ability to track your rankings over time, powerful backlink analysis, and you can even check your website for SEO issues and get handy recommendations. We have also used pretty much all of the big tools over the years. ​This w᠎as g᠎ener at ed wi th GSA C on᠎tent  Ge᠎ne​ra tor  DEMO​.

You’ll need to head over to Chrome’s extension page at chrome://extensions. You’ll need to conduct some research before writing and use the results as the basis for your content. For more details, please check our full guide on SEO content writing. From creating graphics to writing snippets and strategizing your next step to maximise your profits from the account, sometimes it is best to leave your social media management in the hands of professionals like us. Instead, you’re best off with the Post Name structure since it communicates clearly what the linked content is about. Using these headings to structure your content accomplishes two things. Addressing these two issues will go a long way towards shoring up your SEO. Content is the cornerstone of your SEO efforts and not a place to skimp. It displays useful content as measured by FCP. If big brand sites publish longer content than lesser-known ones, this could be the reason for the correlation.