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Apart from the fact that this is pointless, you’ll have a hard time managing these citations in case any of your information changes. There are services out there that offer to build thousands of citations across the web for a mere few bucks. Running a social media account for your business also allows you to keep in direct contact with clients and potential clients, which can be magic if you are looking to make your business more approachable and more personal. URLs for a site can also be submitted for recrawl in order to update the backlinks data for pages which have changed. The easiest way to apply Local Business markup is to use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper. Structured data is a special markup that helps Google interpret your content. Once you’ve tagged all of the essential information, you can download the markup code and add it to the code on your website. It’s in your interest to take this listing seriously – in the context of local SEO, it may be more important than your actual website. It is possible that Google already knows about your business and has created a listing for you.

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We’ve already discussed two main sources of NAP information: structured data on your own website and your GMB listing. We hope that you understand how the sitemap feature in Rank Math functions and how the various options affect your website and the sitemap. You can have access to this feature only if, you’ve at least one image and have already enabled the sitemap module. If you want a more aggressive strategy, you can even offer small bonuses to all customers who have reviewed your business. The number of these reviews and your aggregate rating will determine your position in the local pack, your visibility on Google Maps, and even your organic rankings. You could also send a follow-up email, attach a card to the delivery, or even ask your clients in person. Try to stick to the same phone number, same code and extension formats, and same email, down to a symbol. If you’re writing about the same topic, it would be tough to make the content pieces unique. And by consistency I mean state your company name, address, and other contact details in the exact same format. You can use it to tag your business information, including company name, address, and contact details.

Basically, the more often these details are listed across the web, the more confident Google is about your business. If you are using a CMS, you might have certain types of structured data implemented by default or you might have an easier time implementing structured data with a plugin. One of the types is the Local Business structured data. And there are many different types of structured data used for all kinds of purposes. SEO is a zero-sum game, which means that for your website to move higher up in the organic search results, you must leapfrog websites which are currently perceived to be better optimized than your site. The other website should definitely take some notes. Take the readability factor into consideration. List the exact steps you will take to get to the bottom of this and make sure it never happens again. Second, it will increase your user engagement. To influence your aggregate rating, you will have to manage negative reviews and do your best to change them to positive reviews. This study points us in a similar direction as John Mueller’s words – you don’t have to build traffic-generating backlinks to your page to get high positions on a SERP.

Presently, your business can rank high on Google search engine results, associate with a significant audience, and generate leads and revenue, to stand out in the competitive digital market. It’s actually pretty easy to figure out SEO. Once you’ve created or claimed your listing, make sure to fill it out as much as you can. While local SEO is most commonly associated with brick-and-mortar businesses, it can also be used by online businesses that serve specific local areas to improve their visibility as well as drive leads from local searches. To serve them well, it is absolutely important that your website is responsive and is optimized for mobile phones. Using the location-appropriate keyword on your website is bound to give you some advantage in search. In case, if your theme or any other plugin installed on your website is already adding Breadcrumbs, then you may need to disable/remove their Breadcrumbs at first, to avoid any conflicts. In this case, just google your business by name and claim it by clicking the Own this business?