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At SEO San Jose we help our clients post accurate information on the Internet, which customers will be searching for, and which will draw customers to our client\’s business. Recognized as the best SEO company in San Jose, SEO San Jose offers highly advanced SEO strategies that are exclusive to us and not seen by any other company in the industry. That is why we are the best SEO service company in Bangladesh. How can the best SEO company for small businesses help in the company’s growth? For businesses that are concerned about using SEO to improve their traffic, the main keyword ranking definition refers to what position their page has in search results for specific keywords. This tool’s Keyword Gap feature enables us to compare a client’s site with its competitors and check what keywords they are ranking for. I use Ahrefs to identify which pages and keywords the client is ranking for along with identifying gaps in content for a client’s website.

4. Ahrefs Content Gap tool to see what keywords your competitors are ranking for that your client is not, on both a domain and page level. Plug in any competitor’s site and you can instantly see what they are ranking for. One of KISSmetrics\’ signature features is the Path Report, which tells you the specific routes customers tend to use on your site. For clients, this gives actionable data: places that haven’t been capitalized on yet, or perhaps could use a bit more beefing up. In most cases, the higher you are in SERPs, the more traffic you get, which results in more conversions. And by tracking search results by state, city, and even postal code, you can dive into the most exact and comprehensive data possible. 1. Technical: Screaming Frog, Google Search Console, Ahrefs Site Audit tool. Find duplicate meta descriptions, fix title tags, too many H1s on a page (you one need one) redirect errors, social OG tags missing, bad hreflang tags, etc. One-click scan your site and you’re almost guaranteed to find some pages you can easily improve upon.

If you have a bigger budget, you might fix them faster, because you could outsource to multiple people. I also have been using Ahref’s new audit tool for on-page SEO improvements (spotting weaknesses) and it works quite well! It pulls all the info I need for an on-page audit and when tied in with Google Analytics it can give you a great overview of individual page performance. Great for uncovering site speed issues and opportunities. 2. GTmetrix & Chrome DevTools for on-page technical issues. 1) For technical issues, I like Screaming Frog, Botify, and Oncrawl. Screaming Frog is valuable because it provides you with tons of information in a single place. The logs holds so much valuable information and can make the difference between doing a good technical audit and a great technical audit. The site audit tool provides you with similar information to Screaming Frog, and you can setup reoccurring crawls to analyze performance and improvement over time.  Po​st h᠎as been gen​erat​ed by ​GSA Co ntent  Genera​tor DEMO!

And of course, last but not least, Google Search Console provides insight right from the horse’s mouth across all of these areas. Free Trial – Authority Labs also provides a free 30-day trial period. Neil Patel’s SEO analyzer is a great free on page analyzing tool with some great graphics for load times, requests etc. and a general prioritisation of action items. Which is a pity because it’s completely free. It’s already there! Easy right? If there are any broken links on your site, make sure to fix them. Google’s tools – Search Console and PageSpeed Insights – do a great job at identifying any issues to fix. Google Search Console is probably one of the easiest ways to pinpoint indexing issues. 1) Technical. Google Search Console is the best tool for checking accessibility and indexation issues. Submit the image sitemap in the search console and Google will crawl these images in priority.