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Plus, whenever a dreaded Google algorithm update happens, the Moz site is usually one of the first to try and dissect it. Their basic plan starts from $29.90/month for 100 keyword lookups/day, 200 keyword suggestions/search, 100 SERP lookups/day, 25 competitor keyword/search, 200 tracked keywords/day, 20 site lookups/day, and 100k backlink rows/month. On one page, you can see the average position, traffic forecast, search visibility, SERP features where you rank, the percentage in the TOP-10, a comparison of selected keyword rankings, and more. Moz Pro is a complete suite of SEO tools, there are more than enough features to help you improve your SEO, it’s a matter of finding out if it’s the right fit for you. It’s a bit different than traditional SEO tools, which live “outside” your content – that’s to say most tools exist on their own website. It’s a very comprehensive suite of tools that will take you through the process of 1) identifying low competition keywords you can rank for 2) exploring and earning new backlinks 3) improving your on-page SEO with Moz Site Crawls. There is an abundance of SEO rank checking tools on the web, each promising to deliver results on where your site ranks on Google for your chosen keywords.

It’s super easy to generate sitemaps too and check if your site is properly indexed in Google. Moz Pro is a paid web version of Moz, which allows you to explore keywords, track your keyword rankings, run technical SEO site audits, optimize content, and check on your competitors’ backlinks. You will be able to check both the historical ranking trend (up to 5 years) as well as the top keywords that the site is currently ranking in the SERPs. Inside the Search Console section, you need to select your website from the Site drop-down and your target country in the Country drop-down. If you need something special, the company will create a custom plan just for you, all you need to do is contact them. Bottom line: 30 days is a nice long stretch to find out if Moz is the right SEO tool for you, so I recommend taking their free trial if you’re interested. Price: You can access a demo account or start a 14-day free trial to see if the service is right for you. They also offer a 30-day free trial so you can try it before you buy. The SEO WordPress plugins also offer a wide range of features that helps to ensure your on-page SEO is 100% compliant with all Google requirements.

It’s simply the best SEO plugin available for WordPress in this marketer’s opinion. The Yoast plugin has been around since 2010, and the brand has become synonymous with WordPress SEO over the years. About: There are 1.3 billion WordPress sites on the internet. Website visitors searching long-tail keywords are more likely to read the whole post and then seek more information from you. Price: GrowthBar is free to try for 5 days and then it costs $29/mo for Standard, $79/mo for Pro, and $129/mo for Agency. It then uses natural language AI to “write” content for you. Always keep in mind that you’re writing for users first and that search engines are getting much better at understanding natural language. It has all the important features that Ahrefs has, like keyword research and backlink research, but it goes much deeper in content optimization. But for dissecting how Google works today, these documents from 1998 and 2000 won’t help you much. Your website visitors won’t stay if they can’t navigate your site. Con᠎te​nt has been gen er᠎ated  with G​SA Content  Gen erator DE᠎MO​!

If done correctly, this can actively boost your search engine optimization and move your site from page two up to page one in search results. 1. GrowthBar’s technology works by scraping hundreds of results in the Google search engine results page (SERP) to define optimal content for your query. Linking to reputable websites not only offers blog readers additional reading material to expand their knowledge, but it also shows search engines that you’ve done your research. It’s easy. It offers multiple tools that help entrepreneurs, SMBs, agencies, and marketing specialists curate projects, boost online visibility, monitor the technical side of websites, research keywords, competitors, and backlinks. Here is a helpful guide that will teach you how to do it, and it also covers multiple approaches. You can read all about this in detail in our link building guide. It improves how your page shows up in SERPs, which can lead to higher click-through rates and more website traffic.