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This also goes for other local listing sites, like Yelp, Facebook, Better Business Bureau, and more. A lot of thought goes into creating your homepage and landing pages. If you have physical locations in multiple cities, consider creating a unique landing page for each city. Be sure to create location-specific copy for each landing page. To adapt, include your target keywords and strongest copy at the very beginning of your meta description, and try to avoid going over 155 characters. The first step is to know your target audience. We’ve now got a growing list of keywords, to take it a step further – last but not least, we’ll take a look at what our biggest competitors are ranking for. After that, we’ll send you periodic reports about the website and handle the rest. The technical side of SEO has a lot to do with making sure users have a good experience on your website. Hello sir, I have just installed Rankmath, I was using Yoast Seo earlier. ​Po᠎st was gen​erated by GSA Content  Generator D᠎emover​si on!

Using those options, you can blacklist or whitelist domains or URLs that will override the default behavior you set here. Here is an article on SiteGround showing how to redirect www URLs to the non-www version, and here is another one showing how to achieve the opposite. Duplicate content refers to when similar content exists on two different URLs. Of course, content ideas should be paired with the actual terms people are searching for. Make sure that people visiting your website can get a hold of you. Getting your website found, of course, is the realm of search engine optimization. You can start by getting updates straight from Google by reading its Google Search Center Blog and Think With Google publications. While our extensions were originally created for the Firefox web browser around a decade ago (and survived about a decade of browser updates by being frequently updated over the years), the Firefox 57 update killed any extension using toolbars. We\’ll also send you updates on new educational guides and success stories from the Shopify newsletter. When you are organizing your keywords, products and categories for your Shopify site, think about how this information can be organized and presented to users.

2. Help customers get more value out of products. Well, here’s a checklist to help you see what needs to be crawled and validated… Enter your website page and see if it’s optimized or not. All content on your website should be original and written just for your store. Write original product descriptions. Related items. When a visitor is on your product page, you can show related products. Google will understand these two items are related and index accordingly. Research from Moz indicates many meta descriptions are being cut off around the 155-160 character mark. Researching keywords that perform, keywords that are fiercely competitive and filtering out underperforming key phrases are broadly some of the areas covered during the keyword research phase. You can view detailed keyword analysis reports as well as a summary of any domains you manage. There are reports that Google has rolled out a slew of new features to the Google Image Algorithm Update 2018 and to the image search feature as well. Write compelling page titles that are human-readable. For local businesses, your Contact Us page is important for building trust and attracting local customers.

Google My Business is an excellent free SEO tool for local businesses. Thanks for subscribing. You’ll start receiving free tips and resources soon. You can install Product Reviews, a free app developed by Shopify, to add SEO-friendly review scores to your product pages. But product reviews also provide additional, related content to your product pages, which can help them rank for long-tail keywords. With features such as Next SEO Goals and Focus Pages, Squirrly helps you navigate today’s key ranking factors by providing you with a complete framework and step-by-step guidance for placing your pages at the top of Google Search. Schema markup helps Google understand your website content better. BROWSEO lets you see how your website looks to a search engine. See the interest in a particular term from as recently as an hour to as far back as 2004 with Google Trends. Search engines cannot see pictures, so they use their alt text to “see” what they are about.