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If on the contrary, the user doesn’t enter your website it means it’s not relevant, you optimized the content for the search engines, and that won’t last for long. Any method of marketing or promoting your website online, which involves advertising, posts and other means of garnering attention from other online sources, will benefit from an optimized website that ranks well for critical search terms. Search Queries shows keyword queries bringing users to your site, as well as the number of impressions, clicks, and CTR you’re getting for each keyword. First, the content itself is unique on the Internet (which makes it worthwhile for search engines to rank well) and covers a specific bit of information in a lot of depth. How to Rank in Google Image Search? Google Image Algorithm works either by scouring for related images that are based on the search query the user enters or by analyzing the image you upload through Google’s reverse image search, AKA, the “Search By Image” option. This da​ta was generated ​by  GSA  Content Gene᠎rato᠎r ​DEMO!

Google analyses the search query of the users or the image uploaded through “Search by Image”. It is advisable to use words that provide context to the image within a web page for image Alt text. The data about the images – importantly the Alt text- is stored in Google’s Database. 5. Add valid Image Alt Text and image description. This Google image algorithm update was intended to improve image search results by taking into account the factors like image placement on the page, the freshness of the content, and the page authority to determine the position of images in Google image search. Moz also found that Google considers citation signals such as citation volume and NAP (name, address, phone number) consistency in local search results. Pages with the highest number of total backlinks tend to rank best on Google. These statistics will more often than not beat out sites with a larger web presence, more content, and more backlinks because their user experience and referral traffic are lower despite their size. SEO analysis additionally help you with relevant information about the traffic which your site is generating. Some of the elements include Content, Media (Images and Videos), Site Structure, Meta Description, and the performance of a website.

If you use the right ingredients, the search engines will love you; Use the wrong ones and you’ll end up with little to no traffic directed twoards your site. Such images will also get to feature as snippets in the web search paving the way to higher organic traffic. You can even get traffic to your website through search results of images. Many times users end up seeing a deleted image when they try to view it outside Google results page. Finally, try to keep your titles short. Don’t forget to add top-of-the-funnel keywords to your image titles. Don’t waste too much time on them because some of you might fall into that shiny object trap. With this, unlike the traditional search, users don’t input text. Now that you know the things that Google looks for while ranking images on search, let’s understand how to optimize individual factors we discussed above. If your images are non-responsive, this ends in a bad user experience and Google has been on such sites lately. In its official release, Google says that the Image algorithm overhaul happened over the period of one year.

Even the last update announced by Google was rolled out in different phases over the last one year. The SEO Book Rank Checker plugin allows you to easily discover your site’s ranking and automatically track your progress over time. Users have been complaining about spammy and duplicate images in Google Image Search for quite some time. Understanding the live time value of 1 client is vital in your overall digital marketing strategy. Our SEO team works along with the digital marketing experts to make your brand visibility higher with the strategic planning and doing deeply your competitors analysis. We have distinguished our identity in the market as the leading digital marketing company in Bangalore for we have successfully established different brands on the online platform. However, in their quest to facilitate newcomers in using Yoast, the creators have basically hidden all the advanced options – making you manually turn custom fields on.