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How To Rank (and Convert) With Landing Page SEO

Every added citation gives you a little local SEO uptick. Add your neighborhood to all of your local citation profiles. As Greg Gifford wrote in Search Engine Land, “The Google My Business update is the biggest merchant-facing update Google has ever released for local businesses.” And now, you need to make sure that your business lives as prominently as ever on this massive local SEO tool. With the recent rollout of the new Google My Business platform, local search experts are insisting more loudly than ever that it’s important to fill out all your information as completely as possible. My own personal experience is that they are now often comprised of superficial commercial \”content\” from sites that are experts in setting their page metadata correctly and the other dark arts required to exploit the latest revision of Google\’s algorithm. There are things that you can do to optimize your business for the possible neighborhood algorithm from a strictly local optimization perspective. Local neighborhoods are hard to fit into a search engine algorithm.

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This is in stark contrast to how ML practitioners are trained to think about problems, in which you’re essentially aiming to reduce some error metric of a curve fit. So, think about the kind of search queries for which you’d like to be featured and select your keywords accordingly. But Wix had more search traffic on domains that get more than 100 monthly search visits. Ahrefs YouTube Search Traffic over the past 7 months. She says, “My favorite SEO tool is SEMrush with the feature of “organic traffic insights”. Here’s how you find search engine rankings for your web pages with SEMrush. It’s true. Local SEO has come so far and has dominated so much of search that having a conventional website is not required for local SEO success. It did not come from the website, because this particular establishment doesn’t even have a complete website. One clever way you can use this website is to compare your success with your competitors to see how you stack up against your most important SEO rivals. There is one thing that you can’t completelycontrol. We want to see evidence that what we’re being told is trustworthy, and when it comes to your blog, Google wants to see the same thing.

The good thing about local search is that it’s mostly under your control. You create your local listings, optimize your Google My Business page, pimp out your Facebook account and do all the other things that bump you to the top of local search results. Don’t make things harder for yourself by starting from scratch. Reviews are so essential for local search optimization that it’s worth it to go the extra effort and beg for these things (in a tasteful way, of course). As hyperlocal search evolves, it will become more and more important to make the biggest local impact in the smallest geographical area. Locals may call an area something different from what appears on a formal map. It can be tricky to rank for local SEO in a neighborhood that has a name different from its official map designation. Low-difficulty keywords are easier to rank for, but they may not be worth paying for. Like some other keyword rank checkers, Rank Tracker integrates a keyword suggestion tool so you can discover profitable keywords using Overture, Google Suggest or your competitor’s websites.

This leads me to the point that many businesses miss: Your customers are using your place page or social-media page as your de facto website. Using the most available resource today, the Internet, is your best bet. Google Analytics is an invaluable resource that is virtually indispensable to any digital marketer serious about SEO. When people use search engines-such as Google or Bing-they use words or phrases, and these keywords can form a link between well-optimized sites and the user. So when you optimize titles, descriptions, and content to get the clicks and deliver value on the other end, you can boost your search engine ranking. Our SEO website analysis alone has a value of over $1,000. In the 2013 Local Search Ranking Factor survey by Moz, they placed the importance of a locally-optimized website at 18.8 percent, calling it “on-page signals.” All the other slices of this pie graph do not depend on a website. Enhance the visibility of your images in organic search with image SEO. If you have an image of Henry Cavill as Superman, then, of course, the ALT text would say “Henry Cavill”, “Henry Cavill Superman”, “Henry Cavill Superman suit”, or something similar. Add your neighborhood name in text to your website (if you have one).