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Do you think somebody can have a meaningful impact on your business for that low price? The words mean the same thing, but the impact they have on the message is vastly different. Hi Phil – Good article and an excellent summary of the things that people have to keep in mind when developing content for their website and attempting to climb the Google rankings. As per OkDork, content with 3000-10,000 words tends to get more shares. For example, “online courses on SEO for beginners” yields far fewer results-51 million compared to five billion-and targets a more specific audience. Several studies have found that long-form content has more potential to rank better in search engines compared to short content. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean that short content doesn’t rank, still writing good length content can offer several benefits of getting more shares, backlinks, and so on. Also, it’ll provide a good user experience.

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An effective way to make sure you have a good copy is to hire an SEO copywriting expert who can do the job for you, as he will have the experience to create the type of content you need. With those statistics in mind, it’s safe to say that the mobile user experience on your homepage is important. It’s also important to structure these subtopics in a logical order. This is a big sign for Google that your page isn’t worthy of ranking, and it’s going to hurt you for both voice search and traditional queries. It’s essentially a matter for each website owner to consider at their own discretion and there’s been a lot of argument around whether leaving or removing your backlinks from these networks is necessary. In fact, embedding videos into blog posts will earn more backlinks and deliver a 157% boost in search traffic. They can add more visibility to your content and serve as an important source of the traffic to your website. So, all the navigation and content that you have in frames will basically get ignored by the search engines. ᠎Th is  post w as c reated with t he help of GSA Con​tent ​Generato​r DEMO .

We came across a lot of agency owners who have said this to us. Companies and people who offer cookie-cutter pricing for advanced SEO just don’t know the business well. In Google Business Profile, small businesses can set up their official Google business profile, and upload images of their store and products. You can see from the graph above that the content holding the top position in Google has a longer length than the others. Whatever the case, don’t keep content on your site because you think quantity will make you look better. But, if your site is multilingual you can easily rank for the keywords in other languages with less competition and get more site traffic. But, now that you know what pillar pages are and why they’re important, how do you go about creating your own? But, if you don’t use WordPress, what do you do? If you’re thinking about how to improve SEO on WordPress, writing proper length content can be of help. The issue is that, with local SEO, where you’re searching from is HUGE. But what is local SEO, how does it work, and which ranking factors matter? Th is post h​as been w​ri᠎tten  with G᠎SA Conte nt Gener at or  D​emov er᠎si on᠎!

Now for my company, one of the countries that we operate in is Thailand, and so if you search SEO agency in Thailand or Thailand SEO, you’re going to find our website among the top sites. So make sure that the person that you’re working with really specializes in SEO. We’ll provide you with actionable advice and tips on how to make your site faster. This post here breaks down how to leverage YouTube, and this article breaks down how to make your podcast popular. You can also check our guide on how long should a blog post be for more information. At TrafficWala we have a competent team of writers, who create appealing contents with enough user-centric information to be utilized in the web-based promotions. Have multiple members on your team? Localizing your website simply means making your site available in multiple languages. It goes without saying (at least it should) that how much you charge for your product significantly impacts your Amazon conversion rate and how many units you move on the site.