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To help with SEO, make sure your title and subheadings are clear and unambiguous. Add assets like social media share buttons and clear calls-to-action (CTAs) to your content to encourage sharing whenever possible. Make sure your tone, visual assets, and message are consistent across your social media, website, and any additional content you may post to platforms like Medium or Quora. Links act like votes for your site from other websites. Some more general themes that are suitable for traditional websites aren’t specifically built to support the functionality required by eCommerce websites and in particular compatibility for WooCommerce, which is exactly what MyThemeShop built the eCommerce theme for. And last but not least is the Storefront theme. If you’ve newly moved your in-person storefront online & transitioned to serving customers through a WooCommerce store, before we dive in – it’s important to understand what SEO is and why it matters. The meta titles and meta descriptions attached to your content ultimately determine how it will appear to searchers on a SERP, so it’s crucial that it be accurate. ​Th᠎is post was ​done ᠎wi th the he᠎lp  of GSA Con te nt​ Gen​er᠎ator Dem ov​ersi on!

You can cover these questions as dedicated headings inside your content or use our FAQ Block. So, in this practical guide, we’ll dive deep into how to technically optimize your WooCommerce store for search and for a better user experience – and answer the most common questions we’re asked about the optimal WooCommerce SEO setup. Create internal links to additional on-site content that can answer further questions a reader may have. Share social media-friendly interactive content (like personality quizzes) to interest users in your brand. Like Google, social media has become a standard part of how digital-age people live their lives. Search engines, particularly Google, are an incredible source of ongoing website traffic as they direct searchers (potential customers) to visit certain sites when they are looking for information as well as products. Note: This test is applicable only for WooCommerce Products and Easy Digital Downloads in the PRO version of Rank Math. 1. Your site’s overall architecture will accommodate showcasing products effectively. 2. Your website’s overall appearance will be far more coherent & consistent.

Social media is terrific for raising overall engagement levels and showing Google that your brand is out there making waves. Social media is especially helpful for getting more mileage out of your best material. Modern consumers typically scope a company out on social media before finalizing a purchase, so optimizing your profiles is crucial. You can try out a free keyword search on this page. Commenting will also earn you a free backlink! Although we might be a bit biased, to simplify the entire technical SEO process for your WooCommerce store, we wholeheartedly recommend the Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin as it offers built-in support for WooCommerce SEO, and better yet, it’s completely free to use. These days, it’s quality over quantity all the way when it comes to SEO, so keep that in mind when filling your blogs and social media streams with content. Keep in mind, though, that quality and usefulness aren’t the same things. Beyond this, canonicalization is also important when you have a number of pages on your site that have similar/the same content as this can result in duplicate content issues (this commonly occurs in WooCommerce stores due to categories, archives and product pages all have very similar and sometimes also very thin content).

To ensure that canonicalization is in place, you can test your site using this SEO Analyzer. Once you’ve settled on a design that’s suitable for your store, be sure to test using Google PageSpeed Insights as this is how Google assesses page speed (a known ranking factor). Once you’ve made a final decision on what theme is best for you – based on design, performance and other factors that you’re taking into consideration – refer to this WordPress speed optimization guide to properly optimize the rest of your website (we recommend making these changes in a staging area before applying them to your production site). “There’s a lot going on about increasing page speed and making your site more mobile-friendly, which is definitely needed and are table stakes at this point,” says Katrina Dalao of Referral Rock. “HTTPS is becoming more relevant and even a ranking signal for Google – but it is not necessary for every site,” the Searchmetrics report says.