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You might be thinking, if Rank Math is so powerful, why do I need to set focus keywords? Keeping that in mind, we will use “HTTP Redirections” as our first focus keyword. The first focus keyword that you add will be considered the Primary Focus Keyword, and the rest will be considered secondary focus keywords. Some people also optimize the post while they write it, but we find the first method to be more efficient. When you are writing a post around a particular topic, you need all the help you can get to make a decision on whether the target you have chosen is good and if there is any traffic on that keyword. Likewise, customers can get support for a new product on a company’s Facebook page, saving them from annoying automated phone menus and unhelpful outsourced customer service departments. We recommend a service page for every segment of your law practice, each with a minimum of 1,000 words. Focus keywords are the words you want your post to rank for. The words that users type in the search engines are the best focus keywords to choose from. You’ll need to give users a fantastic experience on your website if you expect to rank highly. ​This post was done  by G SA Con tent Generat᠎or  DEMO!

In addition to their current rank, Google Keyword Planner will also give you a report on how well keywords have performed over time by providing data on how often they’re searched. If you don’t already have an account, you can also create one by clicking the “Register Now” link at the bottom of the login form. Once you click the “Connect Now” button, you will be taken to Rank Math’s Login Page. When you create a new post, one of your goals is obviously to attract traffic to your post, and Rank Math’s content analysis and optimization features are designed to achieve just that. For this example, we’ve added the content of the “What are HTTP Redirections” to our demo article. The Redirect Path Chrome extension will flag 301, 302, 404, and 500 HTTP Status Codes. Then we will optimize the post completely using Rank Math’s SEO custom recommendations. If you’re using the classic editor, then you’ll have to scroll down below the text area to see Rank Math’s Meta Box.

And you will see all of Rank Math’s tools and suggestions in block-view. To see all the tools available, either add a new post from the WordPress menu or edit an existing post. For the sake of this example, we are going to add an existing Rank Math KB to the post area. A Meta Tag Generator, Keyword Generator, XML Sitemap Generator, Robots.txt Generator, and .htaccess File Generator are also included in SEOptimer. Besides image file format and sizing, there are other ways to make sure your images are working hard for you on the SEO front. 39% of smartphone users are more likely to browse or shop a company or brand’s mobile app because it’s easier or faster to make a purchase. It must fulfill the need that users are searching for. These suggestions are fetched right from Google, and they can be a powerful way not only to discover related keywords but use those related keywords as focus keywords and optimize your post around them.

The process of optimization begins when you start creating the post. After the refresh, the error will be gone, and you will start seeing suggestions when you add any focus keywords to your posts, similar to the animation below. Only add a reasonable number of keywords to optimize a single post for, and adding more focus keywords than necessary would do more harm than good. From a user (or your perspective), having the post optimized for more than one keyword is great. That should be interesting, as the KBs are written to be helpful for you, but are not really optimized for SEO. Local search engine optimization uses many marketing methods which are used by site owners to compete for top rankings for searches in the area of their city of business for specific keywords associated with their services and products. As a result, you’ll see how to make the most out of your marketing budget and adapt it for proficient results. Th​is a rt᠎icle h as  be᠎en gen er ated wi᠎th GSA C​onte nt  Generator  D​em᠎oversion!